Who I Am

Greetings and salutations!

 You’ve managed to stumble across my humble corner of the internet, where I sell my hand crafted one of a kind bags. 

Let me introduce myself: my name is Ophelia and I’m a full time goth mom hailing from the Bay Area, CA. In my free time I love to create unique, often obscure, one of a kind bags. You can expect all manner of gothic, witchy and fandom themed bags here.  I work out of a little sewing studio in my home, using the highest quality materials to create these bags. I use small batch custom printed fabric for most of my creations, paired with high quality vinyl, interfacing and hardware. I also use super strong bonded polyester and/or nylon thread. In other words, my bags are built to last. 

Every bag is entirely unique and though I do sometimes re use the same fabric for different bag styles, they will never be recreated exactly. 

Bags are sold in one of two ways: set price and auction style. Set price bags are smaller with simpler styles and construction- and offer a more affordable solution to the auctions. Bags that are auctioned are more intricate, higher end style bags. Auctions offer people are better chance at procuring the bag they want, as I will only ever make one. 

Please note that I do not take commissions. 

I also have a Facebook group as well as Instagram, where you can get a first look at bags before they’re released here on the site. Members of my group are also welcome to interact and/or share pictures with their bags. I love seeing the bags out in the wild!