Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately no, I do not take custom orders at this time. You can join my Facebook group and keep an eye out for possible commission giveaways in the future, but I do not take commissions otherwise. 

Currently, I only ship to the US and Canada. Shipping within the US usually takes 3-7 business days and shipping to Canada can take up to 4 weeks. Canadian friends: please note that you may have to pay an additional import charge upon receiving your package. 
A signature will be required for delivery.
No, every bag is one of a kind. I may re use the same fabrics, but no one bag is exactly like another. 
Bags are listed on the site in one of two ways: set price listings and auction listings. Simpler and/or smaller bags will be listed at set price and are first come first serve. CARTS DO NOT HOLD.
Bags that are more expensive and labor intensive will be auctioned. Remember these bags are one of a kind and I do not take commissions, so auctions give more people a chance at the bag they want. 
 I know I mentioned this already, but it is important to understand. These bags sell fast and I cannot stop someone from being “cart jacked” if multiple people are trying to check out at once. 

To bid on an auction bag, you must make and account and be signed in. Auctions will last 8 hours and you may bid whatever amount you’d like. To prevent last minute snipers we have activated the “anti sniper” feature, which will extend the auction 10 seconds for every last minute bid. All auction bags have reserve prices that must be met for the bag to be sold. Once the auction is over, you will receive email confirmation that you have either won or lost. Auctions winners must pay within 24hrs after the auction ends. 

I do not accept returns in most cases due to the unique nature of the bags. In the event that the bag was damaged during shipping, please contact me with photos and so I can file a claim with USPS. You will be refunded appropriately.